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Autumn Term

Stone Age to Iron Age 


In year 3 we have been learning about the Stone Age and the Iron Age.  We have done different activities - including making are own cave paintings out of sand and paint.  We also made some amazing Stonehenge pictures to put on our display.  At the start of year 3 everyone noticed a cave,which was made by the teachers.  The cave has our great cave paintings on it, plus we use it as reading corner.  In our English and Topic books we planned a stone age diary,  which we later wrote up on a nice sheet of paper.  At the start of our Topic book we wrote facts and drew pictures about archaeologists. One of the other things we did about is how a bronze axe is made.  We also did about what food was eaten in the Bronze/Iron Age. One of the things we studied was a Shigir idol - from this we completed a description and had a go at drawing one.  On the laptops we completed a sheet for Miss Moyses about sun and water beliefs. One other thing we did on the computer is designed a cave painting fact sheet.  



By Casper Kitchen