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                                                      Witham Class ICT Pledge


We have promised to follow these simple rules both at home and at school which will help to keep us safe when using the internet:


1. Only use websites which we know are safe to use and age appropriate. If we are not sure we will ask an adult.

2. If we see something which we don't like and it makes us feel uncomfortable, show an adult straight away who will investigate it.

3. Make sure your laptop, PC or tablet has anti-virus and fire wall software installed.  This will help to keep you and your computer safe.

4. Some chat room and social networking sites are only for users aged 13+. Do not lie about your age as this is illegal.

5. Remember, not everything you will see on the internet is real and true. If anything worries you- tell an adult immediately.

                                         All of these rules are to help keep you safe!


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