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Autumn Term

Hall of Fame


We have called our science topic 'Hall of Fame' due to all the of the amazing scientists that have shaped our life and left us a legacy for more research and findings in the future.  


First of all we thought about their looks and dress and used our thinking skills to decide what type of scientist they were or if in fact they were one at all.  We then used our research skills to find out more about them.  From here, we have been using our imagination to create our own famous scientist and write a biography for them.  


Our front covers of our topic books have been inspired by the artist Chuck Close.  He used the ideas of prisms and rainbows and used a wide variety of abstract designs linked with shapes to make his weird and wonderful creations.  In class we linked this to science using the prism and thinking about refraction.  

Living On The Edge 

Our first Year 3 topic focuses on our earth and what natural disasters occur as a result of the layers of the earth' s surface.  During this topic we will explore the tectonic plates and how they move in different ways to form mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. 


THANK YOU for all the amazing summer projects that were made for our classroom display.  A lot of attention and detail has clearly been put into them so thank you to all the children and families involved.