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EYFS - Our Curriculum

In the Foundation Stage at Farndon St. Peter's we personalise children’s learning so that they all learn to the best of their ability and in ways in which engage them and enable them to thrive. We look closely at the EYFS learning objectives (which we have adapted from a government document Development Matters, you can find this in EYFS documents on our class page) and think as a team about how best we can plan for individual children to take their next steps in learning.

In order to do this effectively we ensure that the themes we focus on are child initiated and that they follow the children's interests at that moment in time. We regularly talk to the children about what they would like to learn about and any questions they may have and plan activities and real life learning experiences accordingly. Creating a range of mind maps, floor books and learning walls.

We observe the children and work with them ‘in the moment’ throughout each week in order to see first-hand the things that they are interested in and motivated by. This means that we do not always follow long topics (unless the children are thriving by doing so) and that our focus theme can change week by week.

When possible each week parents are informed of the following week’s theme on the information board on the window of our classroom.

We always aim to regularly update our class blog so that parents can see what their children have been learning about at school. Also, in order to keep up to date with what children enjoy doing out of school we talk daily with parents and twice in the year children take home a school camera for the week so they can record and share what they do out of school. we also regularly gather information from parents about their child using information gathering sheets.

Towards the end of the Foundation year we focus on the statutory Early Learning Goals in order to judge whether individual children in our class are emergent, expected or exceeding these. In your child's end of year report you will be informed of your child's outcomes.

Curriculum Overview - Objectives