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   Welcome to Witham's home learning page. In this area of the website you will find tips about how to help your child at home as well as spellings, homework, additional challenges and links to useful website. Also look out for short videos of children explaining mathematical methods - coming soon!

Using spelling patterns, rules and phonics is really important for both reading and writing. Keep learning your weekly spellings and recapping previously learned rules. Some words are essential for fluency, these are called High Frequency Words (HFWs) and in KS2 there are statutory lists of more advanced HFWs for Year 3 and 4 to learn. These are on this page to refer to, but will be incorporated into weekly spellings that follow the spelling patterns.


If your child uses a dyslexic programme, such as NESSIE at school, they can also access this at home. Your child should have their login details in their diary to do this.

 In Year 3 children should start to recall times tables rapidly and know that multiplication is commutative  e.g. if 2x5=10, we also know that 5x2=10 . They should also start to use the inverse operation for each multiplication fact ie. the related division fact. e.g. 4x5=25, so 25÷4=5 and 25÷5=4.

We start by learning 10x, 2x, 5x, then 3x, 4x, 6x. By the end of Year 4 pupils should know all times tables to 12x12.

For our school Bronze Award children need to know 2, 5 and 10 times table and related division facts in any order. The assessment is timed.


 Have you finished your maths homework and fancy an additional challenge or game? Try these challenges designed to develop reasoning and problem solving skills.