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I would give this game 9/10 because, if someone needed to learn decimals they can, but also times tables, divisions, halving, doubling, mental maths and number bonds.  Megan


I would give the Hit the Button 10 out of 10 because you can do just about anything with maths as well as multiplication and division. All times tables are on there from 1-12.  Liana

Woodlands Junior Maths site has lots of free games on the internet. It includes a number of maths games to support skills such as: measure, data, shape, space and number skills. The games are attractive and bright and some include fun characters. You can also learn and practise your times tables right up to thirteens if you want a challenge. There is only one problem that you can't customise how long you have on the challenges to really test your skills and speed. If you're stuck on your homework, you could have a look on here for help.  Emma and Niamh


This is an amazing website for all ages with fun-packed games. You can test your maths skills but I would give it 4/5 because it sometimes takes some time to load. Alec


This app can be downloaded from the App Store onto your device at home.

This game in 4-star rated and it is fast-paced with three different levels: Bronze (easier), Silver (harder) and Gold (extremely hard with square and cube numbers to get you to Y5 and Y6 standards). The game involves two cars racing each other and every time you answer a question correctly, your car moves forward, but if not it stays where you were. You can do two player or play against the computer. From the menu, there are specific times tables that you can choose from - click it to race through that table. We recommend it highly and it's free.  Seren and Daisy