St. Peter's Cross Keys

C of E Academy

Rooted in love we flourish and grow


At St Peter’s Cross Keys Church of England Primary School, we aim to provide our pupils with the relevant skills and knowledge to develop into responsible, respectful and confident life-long learners. We are committed to developing the whole child – academically, socially, morally and spiritually so that they have an ambition to always achieve their best. One way we achieve this is through our offering an engaging, challenging and innovative curriculum designed and continually adapted to the needs and interests of our children. Through stimulating their imaginations we encourage them to be self-motivated and inspire a sense of curiosity.


Our inclusive curriculum values diversity and integrates multi-ethnic and global themes across the curriculum areas. This ethos equips pupils with the personal and social skills to flourish in a multi-cultural modern society.


Alongside the curriculum, we equip our pupils with the skills required to become life-long learners and future leaders. Our ‘Learning to Learn’ initiative of resilience, responsibility, readiness, reflectiveness and resourcefulness underpins our whole school approach to learning. In addition, our emphasis on developing them as leaders supports children to play a significant part in school and their local community. This can be seen in a wide-range of embedded activities and responsibilities from being peer mentors, house council representatives to leading church services and collective worship.


Our curriculum is outward looking and embraces our wider community. Through initiatives such as the Archbishop of York award our pupils gain an understanding of the importance of community and good citizenship. Learning always includes first hand experiences, often in the local community but also beyond. For example, this may be visiting our local retirement home or surveying the local area as a part of geography project on sustainability. We believe these opportunities enhance our pupils' social and emotional development, promote British Values and allow our children to realise that they can impact positively on the world around them.


We take the values from our Equality Policy and our Special Educational Needs Policy and ensure that activities and learning are accessible to all children in our school, making adaptions as required and as an automatic part of our planning process. Please follow links below to the area of our website which houses these documents and commitments.


We understand the importance and benefits of working closely with our parents and pride ourselves on the number of opportunities they have to be involved in their child’s learning. For instance, reading workshops, craft activities, pupil-led church services, celebration assemblies, regular book-looks, progress updates and extra-curricular participation show our firm commitment to ensuring that parents play a fundamental role.

If you would like further information on the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.