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Wider Curriculum

At the heart of the Wider Curriculum at St. Peter’s, is the progression in key knowledge specific to each subject. Our journey in curriculum design therefore began with identifying and defining the disciplinary knowledge and practices of the geographer, the musician or the historian, for example.


These ‘Concepts’, in each subject, are detailed below and are structured in such a way that, every year, our children revisit them in new increasing depth (see Subject Progressions). In practice, this means that, when working on the concept of Chronology for example, the Year 1 historian will learn to use the terms ‘a long time ago’ or ‘when my parents/carers were little’, whereas the Year 6 historian will group events and societies within historical eras such as ‘The Medieval Era’ or ‘Early Modern Era’.


With clear progression in knowledge in place, our Subject Leaders have assembled learning objectives into exciting topics for each year group (see our Subject Overviews). Meaningful starting-points are essential for children; therefore a great story, fascinating object, significant individual or our wonderful locality are fully utilised!



Subject Concepts (Click to enlarge)

Subject Overviews - see how subject progression is made meaningful in our exciting topics