St. Peter's Cross Keys

C of E Academy

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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school


St. Peter’s Cross Keys Staff Team



Elizabeth Duffell                   


Office Staff

Lynn Sedgwick                     School Business Manager

Lorraine Davis                      Admin

Helen Kujawinski                 Admin


Foundation Stage Teaching Team

Gilliam Pykett                       Foundation Stage 

Tracey Simpson                    Teaching Assistant

Aimee Henderson                 Teaching Assistant SEN

Helen Andrew                       Teaching Assistant SEN


KS1 Teaching Teams 


Year 1

Jo Hoult                                 Class Teacher

Tracey Simpson                    Teaching Assistant

Sharon Sturman                   Teaching Assistant SEN



Year 2

Anne Cummings                   Assistant Head Teacher KS1 & Class Teacher 

Sarah-Jayne Hyde                Teaching Assistant SEN 

Katie Briggs-Price                Teaching Assistant SEN


KS2 Teaching Teams


Brenda Adlard                        French teacher


Year 3

Sam Moyses                           Class Teacher - Maternity Leave

Hannah Joels                         Class Teacher

Libby Jackiewicz                   Teaching Assistant SEN

Lauren Haswell                     Teaching Assistant SEN

Liz Walton                             Teaching Assistant SEN

Alison Gott                             Teaching Assistant SEN


Year 4

Charlene Fraser                     Class Teacher

Lesley Papworth                   Teaching Assistant 

Claire Richmond                    Teaching Assistant 


Year 5

Emily Sopp                             Assistant Head Teacher KS 2 & Class Teacher

Becky Daley                           Class/Music Teacher

Claire Richmond                    Teaching Assistant SEN

Lesley Papworth                    Teaching Assistant SEN

Sarah-Jayne Hyde                 Teaching Assistant SEN

Liz Walton                              Teachng Assistant SEN


Year 6

Cara Spence                           Class Teacher

Becky Daley                           Class/Music Teacher

Lesley Papworth                   Teaching Assistant SEN

Brenda Adlard                       Teaching Assistant 



Amy Russell                           Breakfast Club Supervisor

Helen Andrew                        Breakfast Club Supervisor



Christian Dewick                   Caretaker

Silva Gaskin                         Cleaning Assistant


Kitchen Staff

Susan Smith                           Cook Supervisor

Sue Byrne                               Kitchen Assistant

Maxine Hobby                        Temporary Cook 


Midday Supervisors

Alison Gott (Senior), Linda Leek,  Liz Walton, Katie Briggs-Price, Karen Issott and Jodie Scaife.