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At St Peters Cross Keys we are passionate about giving our children access a diverse range of high quality texts to inspire and enthuse their own writing journey.

When teaching writing, we give children opportunity to develop their understanding of a variety of different writing genres and text types (both fiction and non-fiction), by exploring organisation and structure of texts as well as the composition and language features.


Application of phonic knowledge and spelling

For more information on phonics please see our reading tab. As children move into Year 2 and beyond, they will be applying their knowledge of phonics to new spelling rules. Learning is adapted to ensure all children are learning the rules and patterns appropriate for the stage they are at in their learning and in response to the gaps that we have identified. As the children continue into KS2, so will their spelling journey - learning how patterns and morphemes apply to different and more complex words and developing skills to check their own spelling errors.


Vocabulary development 

Through the diverse and high quality texts that we use as a stimulus for our writing, children are exposed to a broad range of vocabulary. Our curriculum then provides the depth of understanding around this breadth of vocabulary. Vocabulary is displayed around the learning environment to support children in applying their knowledge of this in their independent writing.


Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar lessons are taught both discretely and incorporated into our English lessons to provide support and opportunities for children to apply these skills in their writing. We encourage our children to work alongside their peers to revise and edit their writing in order to apply this skill further.


Whilst focusing on these strands we keep handwriting and presentation at the core of our teaching. There are daily handwriting sessions in KS1 and KS2 to develop fluency in this area, with EYFS having sessions to develop their fine motor skills, so they have the best foundation to be ready to write.