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Witham Y3

Welcome to our Year 3 webpage.  

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Autumn Term 

Stone, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 


Throughout the Autumn term we will take a journey back in history to find out all about the life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. 

What did the people wear? 

Were the animal species the same as today? 

How did they communicate? 

Did they live like us? 

How did the children learn? 

Links - please click to open


Maths Champs-

Exciting maths games. Can you get to level 9?

BBC Bitesize maths

Lots of games to practise skills. Try the fraction and decimala!

National Geographic Kids

Excellent geography site for children - lots of cool facts and photos about people and places (games too!).

Lots of fun maths games

Play and learn

Literacy games

Learning is fun!

Dance Mat Typing

Learn to type the fun way!